LetsTorrent.com – An Experiment in Google Coop

Last night, I decided to give Google Coop a try. I created LetsTorrent.com.

It’s best features are:

  • I didn’t just pile on every torrent site I could find. I filtered out tons. I only chose ones that described the torrent files, didn’t have popups, didn’t require registration, and didn’t link to content on other torrent sites.
  • No direct links to torrent files so you don’t have to try to decipher gibberish like S03ZSub6_-AAA-325581-[zan].tar.torrent. I had to omit some popular torrent sites due to a lack of having details pages in order to stick to this philosophy. I hope the trade off is worth it.
  • It searches over 70 torrent sites in one shot. And the results are highly relevant.
  • No mirror bullshit. Since I hand-screened every site in the engine, I made sure no two sites stole content from each other. The goal is to ensure you don’t get the same file linked from 10 different sites as 10 different results. You get one.
  • It uses the Google Engine, thus it’s much faster than using the search engine on a torrent site.

The site uses some relatively simple event handler JavaScript. I plan on writing about it in my next entry when I unveil the other, more JavaScript intensive experiment. Stay tuned. 🙂

LetsTorrent.com. I know I’ve made something good when my girlfriend says she wants to use it. 

Enjoy. 🙂

P.S. I posted this earlier, but the domain wasn’t fully registered yet. It should be now.

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