My Apple Prediction Coming True

Check it out, my prediction doesn’t sound as crazy as it did a few weeks ago. Someone else is now reporting Apple may drop the  big clunky hard drive versions of their iPods.

Given that he sees flash storage capacities up to 32GB as being cost-feasible for the initial introduction of a new flash-based video iPod later this year, Tortora said the question becomes whether or not 32GB contains sufficient capacity to store video content.

Tortora explained that a 30GB of HDD-based iPod is sufficient for around 40 hours of video content, but only has about 3.5 hours of battery life for video playback. He added that replacing the hard drive with flash memory would allow for an increase of about 60 percent in battery life to 5.5 hours of video playback.

Well, according to those calculations, one charge only lets you see 1/8th of your content, making video viewing not quite as attractive as the audio capabilities. And until the flash based iPod goes wide screen, video viewing won’t be a major factor anyway. Right now, iPods are used for music first, video second.

Only 1 percent of the content items played on either an iPod or iTunes by iPod users was video content, with that number only growing to 2.2 percent among video iPod users. It appears that during the other 97.8 percent of the time, video iPod users are still just listening to audio content such as music and audio podcasts.

Of course, this could be because video is not yet ready for prime time in the iPod’s current form. Slap on double the battery life and a bigger screen and maybe we’ll start to see those numbers go up. I mean, really, who wants to view a video on a tiny ass screen anyway? Well, maybe people would if they gave it a try, but right now, the idea is just not yet mainstream.