The iPhone-Killer Buzz Hits Google

So now there is buzz that Google is producing a phone. Supposedly, this phone will sport a touch screen and be a thin client. As in, your data is stored on the grid and therefore accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection (especially your phone).

Only a fool would believe this rumor.

The concept is almost believable, but the idea that Google is producing consumer electronics is a little sketchy. Even if they did, I’m wondering how Google can price this competitively without the bulk that a company such as Apple could sell.

And pictures were leaked to Engadget. Look, it has  touch screen and no buttons, but it isn’t a music player. Apple just reinvented how phones are defined. Now they must all play music. All of them! Especially the ones that involve touch screen interfaces or cost more than $200. All of them. Welcome to iWorld where everybody compares your phone to the iPhone.

So if Google came up with this design all on their own: bravo. But it’s a shame that Apple stole all the thunder two months ago when they decided to drop the iPhone bomb and pretty much doom all other phones to a bucket we refer to as the “iPhone Killers.”

You just can’t beat good marketing, and that’s one thing Apple has got right. On that topic, you might be interested on the most interesting but damning aspect of this phone:

Apparently, Google is planning to build distribution relationships with multiple carriers by allowing them to minimize subscription and marketing costs. In other words, Google will market the phone online and carriers will fulfill.

Wow, good luck. Google’s marketing is always about features and functionality while Apple is always about form factor and style. I repeat: Apple is going to clean up on this fight.

That’s assuming this isn’t a stupid hoax, which I still think it is. Why would Google go after a totally unrelated market only to become a me-too product and potentially scare all its mobile partners away from using Google Search. That’s the last thing in the world it wants, but it’s exactly what would happen if it competed against every wireless carrier and phone maker in the world.

I call this fake!

The CEO of Google is on Apple’s Board of Directors. Why would he compete with iPhone on the eve of its release? Next time, think of a more viable fairy tale!

On this topic, I’d like to say that the Zune Phone bullshit I talked about last month hasn’t materialized. I’m glad, for Microsoft’s sake, that it was just a rumor. I really think they’d be shooting themselves in the foot just as badly as Google if they released a Zune Phone. Now that I think about it, they have that same problem as Google in that they too have a search engine they want adopted by mobile users.

Let’s keep the rumors real.