Sign Up for the National Do Not Call Registry

I keep getting phone spam from this one number and it finally got to me. I went and registered on the (US) National Do Not Call Registry. The process was amazingly simple.

  1. First you type in your phone number.
  2. Then an email address.
  3. Then you click on a link they send you.

Done. For a government web site, I was impressed with its simplicity. Wait 31 days and then if I still get phone spam, I can file to have them fined of up to $11,000. Well, there are cases where companies have paid more.

Another relatively unknown fact is that the bill that introduced the Do Not Call Registry also created a law that allows private citizens to collect money from telemarketers.

For each violation of the act, consumers can sue for a $500 penalty. Violations include calling after a consumer has told a company to stop, or failing to provide the consumer with a copy of the firm’s Do Not Call policy.

Neat, huh? Stupid telemarketers.