How I Choose What I Write About

Today’s real update will have to come in the afternoon seeing as I’m exhausted right now. :) There was once a time when working 16 hour days didn’t phase me. It sucks to get old! Well, and it’s 3am.

Since I’m nearly brain-dead now, I thought I’d keep this one simple and give you guys a little bit of insight on how I pick what I write about each day:

  1. If I encounter a really hard programming problem at work, I will blog about the solution. These posts drive my search traffic.
  2. Programming posts don’t count toward my goal of one post each weekday. Weekends posts are a bonus to my readers. When I do a programming post, I couple it with a second post. Only when you are really unlucky (or lucky, depending on who you are) will that second post also be a programming post.
  3. I often skip coverage of major developments that have no real insight to add. For example, I recently skipped coverage of Dvorak’s anti-iPhone post (he’s dumb, and everybody knows it), YouTube’s new live chat feature (cool, but important), and developments in the RIAA lawsuits (they’re losing). My logic is that I only have about one hour a day (tops) to commit to a post so I might as well pick a good topic.
  4. My favorite companies to write about are: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo. These companies have their hands in many industries, and it is interesting to see how they juggle their competing internal interests. Better yet, it is fascinating how they bring them together.
  5. I try to put double thought into one post a week. Last week was my YouTube post. This week was my stats post (or maybe my Yahoo or Google Checkout post). My goal is to write something good enough that I will gain one new regular reader a week. :)
  6. If I see news about e-paper, I will very likely post about it. As I’ve said before, I believe this technology will become as pervasive as the LCDs in the next decade. If there’s any technology outside of the web that I am a fan of, it is e-paper.

So if you have a topic you’d like me to cover more often, feel free to ask. Today, either later in the afternoon or evening, I will be writing about Sony’s further idiocy and how to submit better articles to sites like Digg. Yes, I’ve noticed some of you are submitting my work. I appreciate it, but it could be done better. :)

  • Michi

    i use spam karma AND akismet. spam karma has an integrated captcha when someone is suspected of being a spammer. ;)

  • Sameer

    dude, you are fast! I even noticed something new ! A captcha that popped up when i tried to leave a comment.. but may I ask why are you using a captcha and not say SpamKarma or Akismet which does a very good job of spam filtering? This is a wordpress blog, right

  • Michi

    Thanks. I have implemented a plugin that does this. :)

  • Sameer

    I didnt get an email notification when you replied to my comment. You might want to consider getting that option implemented.

  • Michi

    i like writing in general and i like programming. a technical blog is the only place i can do both. :) i don’t make very much money, if at all, from tihs blog. ;)

  • Sameer

    I am a .NET programmer, and I recently started a technical blog. I am very impressed with the amount of effort you are putting into this blog and the quality of your posts and site too. May I ask what are your personal goals for this site? Is it to make money through advertising, is it to raise your profile as a developer, or both, or none? I realise this is a personal question so you don’t have to answer.

  • Michi

    Ah, I could, but it’s better to spread the knowledge so everybody can become better Digg submitters ;)

  • William Ryall

    Just submit the stories yourself to digg, that way I can just push the digg button.


  • JMac

    Ditto on Espen’s comment =) I guess that goal is working!

  • Espenhh

    Your last weeks posts was at least interesting enough to gain me as a subscriber to your RSS-feed :) Keep up the good work!

    - Espen