Alright, Digg’s Corrupt. This is the Nail in the Coffin.

Now, I don’t mean corrupt as in politicians, but, tonight, Digg has certainly crossed some lines they shouldn’t have. What constitutes “corrupt” activity on a vote-based news site? Spiking the vote, of course.

Observe these time lapsed screenshots (source):

(Taken over a 5 minute period)

Notice how the last screen shot has a comment and yet has only 5 votes.

I’m shocked that Digg has sunk to this low. As a company founded on community contributions, I cant believe they would sabotage their own loyal users like that.

It is reported that the counts on these stories were being automatically reset every minute. Judging by the speed that all these censorship “features” are being rolled out, this may not be the first time Digg has done this. It raises serious concerns about whether or not Digg admins (i.e., employees) have skewed the content that hits the front page in the past. Essentially, it destroys the entire point of voting. Why vote if your vote doesn’t count unless it’s what they want?

Idiots. Whoever made these decisions needs to be fired. These were some of the dumbest business decisions they could have made in response to this crisis. They’ve never had a problem with posts in the past that could have aided in far more potentially illegal activity, but when an article hits their precious Diggnation sponsor, they start censoring. They just destroyed months of hard earned positive PR and user loyalty. It will be interesting to watch the fallout and watch if Reddit‘s traffic goes up as a direct result of this.