UCLA Considering Google Application Services?

Maybe this is public news already, but I recently found out that many schools, including UCLA, are considering the use of Google Apps. A friend of mine forwarded me a survey he was asked to take by the UCLA administration. The survey was taken by students at schools other than UCLA, so this raises a secondary question about just how many schools are actively looking into the Google hosted solution. 

For those of you unaware, Google offers their chat, calendar, and mail services for your domain. Schools, in theory, could provide their students with these Google’s services that would work from within their domain (ex mail.ucla.edu would point to Google’s servers). Google charges for this service, but in reality, they make a killing from the advertising dollars.

The most interesting points in the survey:

  • Google Calendar and chat are specifically mentioned
  • 97% of student Gmail users reported being satisfied (wow!)
  • People hate their school-provided email services

Below are the questions and responses in the survey (only the most relevant answers shown):

  • How satisfied are you with your school’s current email system, compared to other systems you’ve used (like your personal mail)?
    • 69% – Dissatisfied or very dissatisfied (25% very dissatisfied, 44% dissatisfied)
  • What would you like to change about your school’s current email system? (choose 3)
    • 27% – Not enough storage space, so I need to delete mail or files that I want to keep.
    • 20% – Complicated interface
    • 16% – No IM or calendar functionality
  • I would prefer to use Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar instead of my school’s current systems?
    • 86% – Agree or strongly agree (64% Strongly agree, 22% Agree)
  • What’s the primary way that Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar could be better than your school’s current systems?
    • 44% – User interface
  • Do you have a Gmail account?
    • 85% – Yes
  • How satisfied are you with Gmail?
    • 97% – Satisfied or very satisfied (75% Very Satisfied, 22% Satisfied)
  • How likely are you to recommend Gmail to your friends or classmates? (scale 1-10)
    • 9.136 average

I would link to the actual survey, but I hate linking to something that might disappear later.

The survey was taken by 5934 students, of which 301 were from UCLA.