YouTube is Co-Hosting a Presidential Debate

This may not be news to some avid YouTube followers, but YouTube is hosting presidential debates with CNN on July 23rd (Democrats) and September 17th (Republicans). They are asking that people submit video questions that will be shown, live, during the debates to the presidential candidates.

This is what I am talking about! Rather than being a “website where TV content is shown”, YouTube is now a “TV channel” where, unlike regular TV, viewers will be invited to participate. This is something that no other network can replicate. It also underscores YouTube’s true vision, which is often misunderstood as a massive haven for copyright infringement.

One of the more interesting dynamics that arise from this is the use of visual cues during the video questions. For example, people can show pictures of loved ones or the rundown state of a building to illustrate their points. Not only does this force candidates to address issues they might not have otherwise ignored, but there is a potential to shift public perceptions if a video is really exceptional.

I’m expecting a whole lot of Iraq questions during the Republican debate (YouTube users are liberal leaning, after all), but maybe that’s just me.