iPhone: 8 Hours of Talk, 250 Hours of Standby

Apple announced, today, that the iPhone will have eight hours of talk time. This talk time is 60% higher than the 5 hour talk time Steve Jobs announced in January. Wow.

Additionally, the surface of the iPhone has been upgraded to “optical-quality glass” to protect it from scratches. This addresses a major concern consumers noted when it was announced that the navigation required a touch interface, and dispels any notions that the iPhone will scratch as the Nano did.

Lastly, Apple has continued to exclude mention of a two year contract in its prices, raising suspicions that a two year contract is no longer required. When the iPhone was initially announced, it was a common complaint that a two year contract with Satan AT&T made the iPhone less desirable. However, none of Apple’s commercials or press releases since then have mentioned a two year contract, despite detailing the phone prices.

Along with the eight hours of talk time, a few other aspects got a notable upgrade:

  • 250 hours of standby time (over 10 days)
  • 6 hours of Internet use
  • 7 hours of video playback (two full movies)
  • 24 hours of audio playback

In this latest update, Apple has squashed some of the biggest hurdles the iPhone was facing. While the AT&T aspect is still in the air, it is good to see Apple doing whatever in their power to improve their most important product in the coming decade.

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  1. not gonna happen. people complained about that in the iPod, but ultimately it’s the price to pay for having a super sleek device that doesn’t shatter in 4 pieces when you drop it.

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