iPhones Drop to $400, iPod Touch is Real, Apple Invents new Revenue Sharing Trick

Yesterday, it was revealed that the iPhone was the top selling smart phone in July. It beat ALL of its competitors.

Today, Apple announced they are dropping the 8GB iPhone price to $399 — a full $200 price drop! They’ve also completely phased out the 4GB model. Seeing as the iPhone is already destroying competitors, this price drop should have RIM, Motorola, and friends all soiling their pants. The new, lower price point will further expand the iPhone market closer to the general consumer, placing it – finally – in a reasonable price range that makes it directly competitive with other smart phones. AT&T must be popping champaign bottles as we speak. Just think: a 4GB Chocolate phone $200 or an 8GB iPhone for $400 — but the iPhone also has wifi, a full featured video player, a higher resolution screen, a non-crippled browser, and calendar syncing functionality. Pretty competitive, no?

Related to this development, the iPod Touch is a reality. This iPod will have wifi capabilities and will cost $299 and $399 for the 8GB and 16GB versions respectively. The new wifi capabilities means people will be able to purchase music without being on their home computer. Even more ground breaking: the iPod touch has Safari in it! Every single iPod user out there will become a Safari using, mobile Internet loving Apple drone. Microsoft is pissed. Web standards are going to explode. And this means mobile browsing will finally hit a full-fledged mainstream audience. Oh, and it has calendar and contact syncing with your computer. It’s a shame it didn’t come with a camera too — I suppose Apple didn’t want to complete too much with its own iPhone.

Lastly, Apple and Starbucks partnered up. This partnership is not too interesting on its own. Whenever you hear a song in Starbucks, you’ll be able to buy that song on your iPod/iPhone. While the integration itself isn’t that interesting, the application of wifi sharing is. Just imagine a year or two from now when Apple has partnered up with major groceries, restaurants, and department stores. How many times have you heard a song and thought, “Wow, I want that song, what is it?” Now, the location you hear that at might have an incentive to give you free Internet in exchange for revenue sharing. It means more wifi access for consumers, and more iTunes purchases for Apple. It’s genius.

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  1. One thing is seriously missing from the iPod touch: it has WiFi, but it can’t send music from iPod to iPod.

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