Come on, Facebook

Facebook just had their annual F8 conference, and it was a snooze-fest to me. Examples of things they could have done that would be ACTUAL game changers:

  • An HTML5-based social application platform (currently missing from their mobile strategy and making embedded FB apps less important on mobile)
  • Embedded contextual ads on existing Facebook widges, complete with rev-sharing – yep, it would be hated
  • A truly threatening Adsense competitor for off-Facebook publishers – yep, could be hated too
  • A FB credits fee of 5% (from 30%), and enable physical e-commerce – yep, threatens a working business model
  • A connect-to-pay Paypal clone – yep, would increase Facebook’s financial liabilties

Yes they might harm them. Yes they’re risky. But they’re game changers. They flip the market upside down. They make existing competitors freak out. It pushes you even further as a leader. And, thus, the absence of such a risk shows how conservative Facebook has become.

Instead, they announced a glorified scrap book and some cool automated like buttons.

I’m sorry, but the timeline is hardly revolutionary. How is this remotely on par with the introduction of apps or the Graph API at previous F8 conferences? As a company approaching IPO, this was their moment to really show the world what Facebook’s potential could be. And so they showed off a bunch of visual fluff. The press is fawning over the newly released changes like the second coming of Jesus.

Not to mention all of these new integration points don’t even work on their current web-based or native mobile applications! What am I missing here?

I am disappointed.