A PHP/MySQL Bug Most People Have But Don’t Realize

I’ve seen this over and over in my career and thought I should save others from the horror. Part of me feels like I blogged about this years ago, but I couldn’t find a post referencing it (EDIT: found it!). The bug is simple:

  1. Create a database table with a decimal value, such as order_total
  2. Write some code that retrieves the row
  3. Do an implicit boolean check on order_total to see if it has a value

Here’s some actual code:

This code has a serious bug in it. The problem is the line pertaining to checking if the order_total has been set. Pop quiz:

What is the value of the following:
(bool) “0.00”

The answer is TRUE! 0.00 may evaluate to zero, but “0.00” is not the same thing! As soon as PHP sees more than just a single “0” in a string, it assumes it’s a regular string and treats it as a non-zero string. A more obvious way to ask the same question:

What is the value of the following:
(bool) “0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Or what about:

What is the value of the following: (bool) “0.”

The point is that as soon as you go beyond a single zero, PHP just assumes the rest is real data and will not discard it. Thus:

SO going back to the original problem, the way to solve is is by fixing the code to either explicitly type cast the variable or use a “greater than” check:

If you don’t do either of these things, I’d suggest you go and double check some of your code.