Rainbow Google and Annoying Google

I launched two more Google parodies: Rainbow Google and Annoying Google!

Rainbow Google is just a pretty demonstration of dynamic stylesheet modification. It was actually extremely hard to code — it took me about 8 hours of JavaScript hell. On another day, I’ll go over how I did it. This site adds a colorful spray of colors to the text on the page (see screenshot).


Annoying Google was about 10 minutes of work since it was just a super simple version of Rainbow Google’s code. 🙂 Search queries and results are jumbled so that their letters are in random capitalized states… LiKe ThiS.


If you have suggestions or ideas, please let me know!

Epic Google and Weenie Google

(EDIT: also check out this post for information on Annoying Google and Rainbow Google!)

Hello, I’m here to announce two new websites of mine: Epic Google and Weenie Google. They’re extraordinarily simple ideas. Feel free to mischievously make it the home page of your friends. 🙂

Unlike the last idea of mine (Google Loco), I made sure these pointed to domains that didn’t have “Google” in them. I did not enjoy the fact that Google blacklisted my Loco domain (A tip for the rest of your parody makers out there)!